Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dirty Jobs

Hey what happened? oh well...so you will hear me LOUD AND CLEAR! just been doing lots of dirty work lately. something therapeutic about it, I tell ya what. strange... just found out about that show; what a concept! I LOVE it! This funny guy (smart and accomplished too) goes to all kinds of different places and performs the dirty jobs others have to do all the time (sewer, cleaning, making candy-nasty sticky candy, veterinary assorted tasks- you can imagine..) WHAT A NEAT CONCEPT! I love it. I would like to do that (and somehow work that into a master's degree-researching components of different occupations for the purpose of activity analysis for improving my productivity with MY job, etc.) Oh! I'm the one of the strangest dreamers you will probably ever meet. Hey, my first job was as a dishwasher, and something about fixing the garbage disposal one day was really fun...I had to sort through all this "food", etc., with my bare hands, and discover what was down there. It was really nasty! But it was fun, sort of. It didn't put me off.

I liked working at a hot, sweaty factory. It promoted the comeradery that makes a job fun! I don't know why but my morale really was rather high at that time in my life (for the most part.) I really bonded with a lot of the other workers, and I liked that! I worked night shift, and one morning after a long night's work I actually had "a beer with the boys"...and it was totally cool! I really was like one of the guys then for that little while, which was novel, not just a girly girl thing or being hit on, etc., but drinking a beer with the rest of the guys as though I was one of them! And ok...so I'm a lightweight and didn't even finish one whole beer...but STILL! They weren't judging; they were just laughing and having a good time even with me!

Good times, good times...I am a WIERD mix of genes, don't know WHAT can be done to maximize my usefulness here. oh well; I think I've come close to my blogging limit for the day. :) Hope everyone has a happy bloggin' day.


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