Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Am I a Sex-a-holic, or not!??

OMG, I don't know which one is worse!!!!!!!!!!!! if I'm NOT then I made two fully horrible mistakes that are COMPLETELY unjustifiable, dangerous, detrimental, and unacceptable... I am "looking for love in all the wrong places..."
but I want to take responsibility and be honest... OH MY GOODNESS I am so nauseaus. I can't divorce, I can't be faithful, I can't THINK STRAIGHT.
I need something, SOMETHING.. I am so glad I went to the hospital yesterday to get help. I am so glad; I really need it badly....I have GOT to get straightened out. I NEED some serious help...
I don't know how to be that strong woman who just does everything herself. Help, to show me the way??? I understand it will be painful....I need that JUST RIGHT CHALLENGE.

why can't I divorce? I am hurting him more by staying, right? I love him, but just not in that way. I WISH I could have my emotional needs legitimized...

kick my ass, but then give me a hug, I am a mess (just watch it-is there a rehab place just for me??)


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