Monday, August 07, 2006


okay so I'm way off the handle...excessive blogging lately. And YES! it is to substitute for the lack of companionship in my life. And yes! I do this to myself because I still haven't managed to kick husband out of the house and it is driving me nuts on an unseen level...and everyone can see that clearly, two friends called me on it today, and a couple family members curiously looked at me, with obvious questions of what am I doing...

and I feel both calm and disturbed by his presence. I have not had any wierd neighbors bothering me since he's been back. Twice in the last week strangers approached me in the late night at my house and scared the shit out of me! I screamed at the top of my lungs because it took me so off-guard. And in THIS creepy neighborhood, I don't exactly feel comfortable, and I'm starting to feel like a target. Really shaking me up as men seemed to had been (not correct grammatically but OH WELL) noticing I was here by myself and I DON'T APPRECIATE it. Really wrong. It freaks me out. All the gold teeth and winks and such is causing me to feel unsafe. LEAVE ME ALONE! I will have to go tribal on some folks if they keep it up...

Hey one other thing (actually a good thing): I came across this article on another blog, and it seems to be very true for me at least!! This information regarding a women's sexuality rings true to me! It relates that increased sexual frequency increases a woman's sex drive while decreasing it will cause a decline in desire. I am practically desire-free! There are just a few fleeting moments once in a while in a sleepy state, but otherwise I am no longer in the mood hardly EVER. So that's GOOD for my life right now. I don't need that kind of distraction or temptation bothering me right now. I'm disturbed enough as it is!! Ha. And I think this level of discomfort has nipped the rest of my sex-drive, right in the bud...that IS part of what I wanted, right? Well I guess I get what I want more often than I realize!


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