Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm a DORKWADIAN to the THIRD Degree!!

ha i know that is me bein' juvenile, good lessons to help me grow up, I'm getting a little late in the game (why someone of MY AGE....ha ha)

I'm getting the point! It's good to learn (LOL) I don't know WHO I thought I WAS exactly. ha ha! I have no intention of enabling a bad behavior. and I'm not perfect! I cannot judge. Ha what a relief!!

HE really needs to feel important, and needs the comeradery and sense of accomplishment of having a job, with built in safety nets to accomodate the unknown and his particular needs LIKE EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET including myself (sheepish grin).

It is NOT always "all or nothing". sometimes our friendships, relationships, and connections are somewhere in between, not fitting neatly necessarily into a predefined statuses; there ARE exceptions. I've been missing the point for a LONG time.

It doesn't have to be black and white. I've struggled and struggled and analyzed and over-analyzed (NOooo, Not me!)

We are ALL inter-connected, and the rules HAVE to be adapted to fit the needs most of the time. I can listen to my own conscience. Each person gets to do that, and reap the consequences of their own actions.

"It's all good." Can you believe that is the motto for my highschool senior class, Soooo funny because I have had all these legalistic concepts to sort through, so me at 17 was like an 80-year old woman (at THAT time), VERY CONSERVATIVE, and shy, and rule-oriented, I think my worst fear was violating a rule...for the most part. like I said, AT THAT TIME.
and debating it back and forth apparently until I get to where i am now, boy, not much different, really...still battling away back and forth at the concepts. I'm my own debate team, all in just myself, LOL.

Well, "to the pure, all is pure.", so that statement really is one I like (translated to a more current vernacular, ha)

ANYWAY! Things will be JUST FINE. What else could they be? No enabling of a bad pattern happenin' here now! good stuff...


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