Saturday, August 05, 2006

Where is Doctor Anonymous?

We interrupt this life crisis situation to point out that a very important blogger has been confirmed as missing in action!!! Doctor Anonymous, are you okay?? Anyone concerned go to: and voice your opinion in the "comments" section... Farbeit from our Blogaholics Anonymous rules to allow a life outside of blogging! We all know the run-down...according to BA criteria, one must obsess about blogging and be incapable of resisting the urge to connect via blog, at least once every other day (and that's generous!) a comment at least is essential to maintain the minimal version of the, are you going for the cure??? Nooooo! Not our BA chairperson! We need a leader! As BA rules mandate, you are given 24 hours to respond before our extreme measures will be issued...and I'm guessing you don't want that? Next in line for chairperson, nominations will be taken immediately and voted upon in 24 hours, after the deadline...Doctor A, we don't want to have to do this...please come out...

Perhaps Doc A is stranded on a island somewhere with NO INTERNET CONNECTION!!!! it's an emergency; he may be convulsing with blog withdrawals and as I recall this can be quite deadly!!! wireless (internet), someone, hook up a laptop and jet it there with backup batteries!!! Let there be continuous online access for several will start to see the pupils return to their original size and blood will again circulate to the typing convulsions fade, return laptop to full power status, and walk away slowly from the device as trust in internet connection rebuilds... then make a mad dash back to the jet as there is not another working computer in over 500 miles, realizing and thanking God that this is yet another blogaholics anonymous nightmare treated just in the nick of time... it could have been you, yes, it could have been you...

but then...there are a number of other possibilities...I vote Doc A played the hero saving someone's life! He could have moved to Denmark, had a family crisis, needed a BREAK from nosy bloggers such as myself...anything, really...and as a fellow blogger once said, maybe he took in a little extra egg-blog, and now he needs to rest his post until he blogs back to normal...


Blogger Hoping4more said...

Dr. A is okay and back on the blog. Hurray!

8:05 PM  
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