Thursday, September 21, 2006

Husband Look-Alike...

I have to tell Mr. New Hot Cute guy, that, oops, there cannot be a future with us...and what's freaky?? I realized how much he reminds me of who I'm trying to get over!! CRAP, that's almost worse than someone dating someone for awhile, and realizing they look JUST like a parent! JUST LIKE! (Anyone watch that episode of Frazier? Pretty funny...)

I just cried this morning, thinking about, I've never really mourned the loss of my marriage, and that crazy wild love I used to have for this man I'm divorcing. It is very painful. The marriage has been dead for a long time, a year at least, I'd say, but...the memories linger on. The memories of how crazy in love I was at one time with this person, the delusion of who I thought he was, the lack of discernment for my own safety and lack of wisdom in decision-making. And we are both alive, going about our business separately...and the death of our union must be mourned because inded it is a traumatic event.

Still bottled up somewhat, but spouting a little out over the top regularly! OH my, there IS life after divorce, but the steps to get there are wrought with pain and difficulty!!

Worth every one though.... Freedom and a new life. Things will be better; I just know it.
Thank goodness for all the blessings in life....I'm truly blessed.


Anonymous wolfbaby said...

Well that just sucks... it's a shame to waste a good guy... but totally understandable!!! good luck with the next one!!!

7:05 PM  
Blogger Hepzibah Q. Hezekiah said...

Girl, I totally understand, and honestly, it's probably for the best this way. You need to make yourself whole again before entering a new relationship. You should be completely over the first one before you go on to the next, otherwise you will, oh, what's the word, transference or something in your new relationship. Your new man will continue to pay for your old one's mistakes. Now, I know that this is basically the pot calling the kettle weed, but yeah, it's easier to tell you what to do than to do it myself, tee hee.

9:50 PM  

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