Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What I've Realized...

Hep-Hez, you are too freagin' cute, girl! Really, though...this picture is breath-taking. Seriously... who's more delirious? I had a cup of coffee too, today..and you are right. I tried to save it (our "marriage"), but it was not truly alive in the first place, only a "phantom marriage". But it made me realize how sacred a real one would be! Funny, huh? So really, nothing lost, in all actuality, but my lesson learned is huge.

I've realized, that I want to be married someday! And that it is very, very special and a HUGE deal to think of going down that path (and I'm okay to wait on that). It is not something to take lightly, by any means. But it is something I want to last for the rest of my life. I don't think I could go through this again. It has been mental torture. It has taught me a lot.

I'm almost grown up! (or so I think...) I think I took the long way around, and that is okay. Scenic, lemme tell ya. Boy, pray God will help Mr. Cute Hot Sexy to know what the heck he thinks he's getting into!! Ha, ha. I'm surprised he remains so sure. But I still question that, and hope to have more clarity brought to this picture. I still have my boundaries up, as so I should.


Anonymous wolfbaby said...

things like this are never easy for people.. i hope things go well!!!

4:42 PM  

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