Monday, October 02, 2006

Completely in Love with Mr. Cool sexy Hot

Wow...couldn't stop myself. Fell hard for Mr. Wonderful here... I'm toast. Completely, totally, burned blackened toast. No hope...I'm a gonner. 100% "property of" Sexy Endearing Sweet Loveable...
Do I have brain damage? I am totally ga-ga; WHAT kind of guy IS THIS?? Is he a voodoo guy? A "magic man"... must be. The CT scan must have not caught it; need the MRI to detect my real problem. ANY girl would be vulnerable to falling for Mr. Cool Sexy Hot, but...I'M supposed to know better! My heart is his. Period.
I love him. Completely over any other "possiblities". What now? Wow...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd tell you to run like hell, but you'd run to him even faster! lol. so, here's my advice.............. move into his place, have alot of sex and find yourself trapped in a very short time. i do support you girl, but you better be guarding your heart too. :)

............hubby of supermom

2:31 PM  
Blogger Hoping4more said...

ha ha...reasonable advice there! I tell ya what, complications, complications!! He is a really good guy...I really love him. He is AWESOME...You'd have to meet him. What a guy. *sigh*
okay I know I need to be careful... I am SO not meant to be celibate, that part is true. Definitely not my lifestyle of choice, NO WAY. And mr. cool sexy hot only makes that worse, worse than ever in my life...

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

recreational sex ok................ giving your heart away? no fucking way!

...........hubby of supermom

11:16 PM  
Blogger Hoping4more said...

hubby of supermom...agh! So you think I should be a cold, heartless bitch?? OH my... NO I really need to be honest (YIKES!) SCARED of intimacy, but it can be a good thing! We are talking about starting a life together! He is someone I think I could love for the rest of my life! I know I couldn't do this whole thing again, NOT do we stupid humans get ourselves IN to this stuff????? oh.....

Ugh. Wish I could put this human flesh on a shelf to not be distracted while I put the other things in line for a good life!

oops, I'm a little attached though. Help me, God!

7:31 AM  

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