Saturday, October 07, 2006

Completely in Love with Truth and Love Itself...

I don't need anyone to be that for me, necessarily, and I will be happy when it comes my way, legitimately. Romance is only a small part of life, but it makes it fun and enjoyable. But solid principles hold out, and that is what to bank on. "Amen, sistah!" (OKAY I'm talking to myself, yes...) I love EVERYONE, truly! EVEN myself, hey, why not? I'm not so bad after all! I've put myself through hell, and come on now! Isn't it time to LIVE life FULLY like I always preach to everyone else? OKAY so I got my own point finally!

I'm all right with me. *wink* Is that so wrong? I don't think so.

Cheers to a new day, ya'all! I can love YOU because I love MYSELF. ISN'T THAT GREAT? Cool with me...everybody enjoy your beautiful day.


Anonymous wolfbaby said...

sounds like your having a good time right now.. good for you!!

6:00 PM  

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